Your RMS treatment, your schedule

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KESIMPTA keeps treatment flexible.

KESIMPTA is a flexible, once-monthly treatment that you can take from the comfort of home.

Here’s how it works:

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There are no premedications required.*
Someone from your health care team will give you guidance on how to take KESIMPTA with the Sensoready® Pen for the first time.
*Only limited benefit of premedication was observed in relapsing MS clinical studies.

Here’s how to get started on KESIMPTA.

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Quick tip:

Take KESIMPTA on the same day of the week—like Mondays, for example.
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You can find complete details about how to take KESIMPTA here.

Get some more details about taking KESIMPTA.

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Virtual demos are available to Alongside KESIMPTA® members.
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MS=multiple sclerosis; RMS=relapsing multiple sclerosis.